My Tournament Online - Tournament Info

Held under the sanction of Colorado Judo League and USA Judo; Sanction Tournament Director: Heidi Moore

Location:          Johnson and Wales University
Wildcat Athletic Center
7150 Montview Blvd
Denver, CO 80220

Registration      Please note, under USA Judo, remote weigh-ins are no longer allowed.  Coaches may submit

and Weigh-ins: athlete weights by noon on Friday, March 15 to assist with early bracketing, HOWEVER, all  
 athletes must verify their weight during the registration period on Saturday, March 16.

In person:

Saturday, March 16, 2019 7:30 – 8:30am at the tournament site – Juniors Only
Saturday, March 16, 2019, 11:00 – 12:00pm at the tournament site – Seniors and Masters

Entry Fees:       Entry fee by mail postmarked March 9, 2019 or earlier is $30.00 for the first division and $10.00 any additional divisions.
Entries submitted after March 9, 2019 will be $40.00 for the first division and $15.00 for any additional divisions. 
A separate entry form and entry fee is required for each division entered.  Please do not mail anything after March 13, 2019! 

On-Line Registration is available at!

Make Checks Payable to Denver Judo
Mail completed entry forms and fees to:
Heidi Moore
3825 S Monaco Pkwy #143
Denver, CO 80237

Questions? Contact Heidi Moore at (303) 591-9563 or

Eligibility:        Open competition.  Male and female contestants from all states are welcome.  All contestants must be currently registered and insured with one of the following national organizations: USA Judo (NGB, USJI), USJF, USJA, AJJF, or ATJA, (Membership in USA Judo will be available at the tournament site during registration.)  See below for age/weight eligibility.




Insurance:        For insurance liability purposes, contestants must provide proof of current registration and insurance with one of the above listed national organizations.  If the registration card is lost, Colorado Judo League can only verify USA Judo (USJI) registration locally. To speed up registration, please attach a copy of your national governing body membership card to this entry form.

Awards:            Medals for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in all divisions. $100.00 cash awards for the winners of the men’s and women’s open divisions!! 

Rules and         Current IJF rules as modified below for local competition will be in effect.
Methods of
Elimination:     1. Pre-2004 rules regarding medical attention will be used.
                        2. Match times: Seniors – Males - 4 minutes; Females – 4 minutes, Juniors and Masters – 3 minutes
                        3. Juniors 12 and under: Chokes and Armlocks NOT allowed.  13-14: Armlocks NOT allowed.                                           4. Senior Novice Category: Armlocks NOT allowed.
                        The following elimination system will be used:   
                        1. More than 5 competitors: Modified double elimination
                        2. 5 or fewer competitors: Round Robin elimination

Roll Call:          Kata: 8:30am
Junior Categories: 9:30am
Senior and Masters Categories: not before 12:30pm

Categories:       Senior Divisions:  Open to male and female competitors who are at least 17 years old. 
Senior Open Division: Open to male and female competitors who are at least 17 years old, any rank.
Senior Novice Divisions:  Open to male and female competitors who are 17 years and older who are below Brown Belt (Sankyu).
Masters Divisions: Open male and female competitors who are 30 years and older.
Junior Divisions:  Male and female athletes ages 5 – 16 years may enter the junior category. 
Junior Novice Divisions: Male and female athletes ages 5 – 16 years and who are WHITE or YELLOW BELTS ONLY may enter the junior novice divisions.
*Athletes 8 years and younger may be placed in co-ed divisions depending on the number of entrants.  All divisions are subject to change, depending on age & weight factors. Any situation not covered above will be decided by the tournament director after considering the safety of, and fairness to all contestants.  DECISIONS BY THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR ARE FINAL! 

Kata:                Kata divisions will be offered.  All teams will be allowed to demonstrate their kata regardless of the
number of entries. 

Competitors may enter multiple divisions by completing multiple entry forms and
submitting additional entry fees.

Judogi:            The use of blue judogi is optional.  All competitors MUST have a white judogi. Competitors called to the “white” side MUST wear white, and will not be allowed to compete in a blue judogi. Gis other than white and blue will not be allowed. Female competitors must wear a white or off-white t-shirt with no adornments (buttons, lace) under the gi.

Weights:           Junior Novice boys and girls 5-16 will be determined at the tournament site.        
Junior Boys:
Light – Middle – Heavy in the following ages: 5-6 years, 7-8 years, 9-10 years, 11-12 year, 13-14 years,
15-16 years.
Junior Girls: Same as junior boys above
Master Men and Women will be determined at the tournament site.
Senior Men and Women: IJF Weight Categories and Open
Novice Men and Women: IJF Weight Categories